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I first seen her on the Tyra Banks shows and she pretty much was the whole reason why I started to follow fashion. She’s effervescent, energetic, she moves so well in front of the camera, she’s a great, traditional supermodelesque walk, she’s broken down barriers and has open doors for models of color and has achieved A LOT for a model of color. I can’t say anything more than that she really is stellar and is slowly blossoming into a woman on and off camera xoxo


Fan Confessional: One Reason Why I Love Chanel Iman

She shows that you can be NATURALLY thin and still be sexy… I don’t get any comments about being sexy.. all I even get told is “ewh you need to eat more food”, “why are you so thin”, and other bull like that. Seeing how comfortable Chanel is with her size makes me more comfortable with my size and sexiness lol!